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Author Timothy Grant Carter, Career Catalyst

Meet Splendor Publishing’s Author, Timothy Grant Carter, and Springboard to Significance!





About Timothy (SLAM)   Timothy Grant Carter, Career Catalyst: Springboard to Significance

Timothy Grant Carter, the positive, fiery, and highly sought-after, inspirational speaker who helps individuals and organizations  “Springboard to Significance,”  is a Career Catalyst and award-winning, multi-million dollar sales professional whose stellar work is recognized and applauded both internationally and throughout the USA. He is a best-selling author whose wit and keen insights have his readers consistently asking for more.

He’s the fun creator of the popular blog articles called “Beams.” Each Beam is captivating, entertaining, and full of useful tips and top-notch information to help entrepreneurs and career professionals own their significance.

Timothy is well-known in business circles as “SLAM,” for  his no-nonsense approach. A popular and motivating keynote speaker and sales trainer, he knows how to effectively connect with audiences and inspire them for results. He empowers others with original sayings and visionary insight, and his hundreds of speaking engagements include many Christian messages and multitudes of keynotes and sales presentations in the corporate environment.

His newest best-selling book, Positive x Positive = Unlimited, was chosen by editors as an Amazon “Best Books,” and his rare business insight was featured in the book, 25 Brilliant Business Mentors, and his guidance for new and upcoming speakers was well-recieved in the book, 25 Brilliant Speakers. He is also a compiler and author of Discover Your Splendor, a book for individuals seeking to understand their calling and purpose.

SLAM knows how to inspire audiences to take action, and individuals to create meaningful, successful, and significant lives!



Phone:  336-688-7538 (Thomasville, NC)




  SLAM’s Speaking Topics

1- Springboard to Significance: Why Positive x Positive = Unlimited for YOU!

2- Ping Pong Ball Success: setting yourself apart from the sales pack! Utilize your strengths in your own background and industry. ff-12

3- Superball Success Strategy–Using setbacks to lead to comebacks

4- Positive Connections–Inlook – Outlook – Aim -Action  (Tim will focus on the needs of your organization)

5- Make Today Great! (logos & personal philosophy)

6- Be Good to Others (relationship strategy)

7- Rigid Flexibility (growth approach)

8- Life Lifting Lessons from Shotokan

9- Outdoor Stories & Adventures

10- The Man with the Hat: My Recovery Miracle Story

11- Individually directed addresses to encourage philanthropy, benevolence and service

12- Talks on His Books & Writings:

–25 Brilliant Business Mentors – Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success (business coaching)

–Dear Life (self-help)

–HOPE! High Octane Positive Energy! (sales, business philosophy)

–Letters to Detra (inspirational guidance) Positive x Positive = Unlimited (success)

–25 Brilliant Speakers – Their Expert Advice to Springboard Your Speaking Career (mentoring for speakers)

–Materials from (Tim’s blog site)  


Tim’s Current Speaking Focus and Audience Targets:

a) train sales groups and distributor teams, to enhance companies’ profits

b) guest speaking keynotes

c) present sales marketing presentations

d) inspire others through ministry speaking venues

e) keynote for your hunting, hiking, fishing or other outdoor related group

f) speak to your martial arts or other athletic related organization   25ment stack-left-white             timothy--png

Timothy is a co-author in Splendor Publishing’s books, 25 Brilliant Speakers, 25 Brilliant Business Mentors, and Discover Your Splendor in Your Life: Unleash the Power of Authentic Purpose and Mission. His best-selling book,  Positive x Positive = Unlimited: High Octane Positive Energy, is featured below




Phone:  336-688-7538 (Thomasville, NC)



“Thirty great ideas to get your life rocking! Tim G. Carter—a.k.a. ‘Slam,’ has written an insightful book filled with a practical, straight-to-the-point approach that works. He shares simple tips that anyone can benefit from. This book speaks directly to the heart and provides inspiration to help us lead a more authentic, purposeful, and happy life.”  -Giovanni Gaudelli, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Co-active Coach, Business Consultant and Sales Trainer  


“Tim has written an excellent book that I think will help others greatly enhance their life and career. As Tim’s pastor, I can certainly say he is one of the left-facing-stack-white-bg-web most positive individuals I have encountered. I have always wondered how Tim has been able to face every challenge and opportunity in life with such a positive attitude and to succeed in so many endeavors. In his new book, Tim shares the dynamic concepts that have not only given him such an amazing outlook on life, but have also fueled his success. This book requires some effort and discipline on the part of the reader, but anyone willing to interact with, reflect on, and apply these concepts to their life and career will quickly see both improve exponentially!”  -Cris Uren, Pastor, First United Methodist Church— Thomasville, NC


“I have known Tim for close to ten years now. While there are many words that come to mind in describing him, the one that sticks out to me is ‘relentless.’ Tim uses this relentlessness in every aspect of his life. From his pursuit of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to his desire to meet his customer’s needs and to make them happy, Tim is RELENTLESS.  He is now taking that relentlessness in his pursuit of providing the best sales knowledge and training to all those who read his book. If this book is like everything else I have seen Tim involved in, it will be successful because he will not stop until it is. This book is a must read!” -Mike Bolynn, President, Bennett Buildings of NC—Whitsett, NC  


“Tim Carter, ‘Slam,’ hits the nail on the head in his new book ‘Positive x Positive = Unlimited: High Octane Positive Energy.’  Slam gets the reader not only inspired but gives a kick in the pants to take action on making your life the best it can be. Not only does this book give hope, but practical and easy exercises to implement at any time. Let’s face it, we all want to make changes, and sometimes we start and then fall off the wagon. This book gives you the power to stay on the course! So what are you waiting for? Dig in!”  -Marybeth Hrim, LCSW, MSW, MBA-MB, Hrim Company, LLC— Jupiter, FL


“To what do we liken Tim Carter?  How about a whirling dynamo of positive energy, an innovator, a ball of fire, a joyful spirit? He is one who always seeks a better way, a kinder way, a way where everybody wins. Out of his faith and his indomitable spirit, Tim inspires all who know him and those who read his words to be better, kinder, more efficient, and to do so with joy and enthusiasm for work and for life itself.”  -Ed Lewis, Attorney—Thomasville, NC.


“Timothy Grant Carter simply HAD to write a book on how the exponential effects of being positive in life can make us unlimited!  You see, ‘positive’ and ‘unlimited’ are at the core of Tim’s nature! He also HAD to do it in a way that sets the reader up for DAILY success, because again, his very nature drives and compels him to make every day great! This book is a SLAM DUNK if you want a day-by-day blueprint for taking life by the heart and making yours great! If you desire a life that’s significant, SLAM is the man to take you there! If you want to have greater influence and impact, hold on to your bootstraps—SLAM delivers!”  -Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Publisher, and Founder of Women of Splendor  


“Tim Carter’s desire to help people discover their purpose and develop their God-given potential is apparent in everything he does, and this dynamic book is no exception. Over the last three decades since we first met in a small college in Los Angeles, Tim has remained the same friend and inspiring leader. We have spent many hours sharing our hopes for our families, vision for our businesses, and goals in life. It is obvious to me Tim is a great person and a great leader, and as you read the pages of this book, I know you will also benefit from his positive and inspiring insights. Tim’s words empower you. No matter the pain of your past or the problems in your present, Tim will compel you to maximize your potential in life. If you desire to write your own chapters that include health, happiness, and fulfillment, this book can take you to the next level. Regardless of your current circumstances, get ready for a great dose of hope and empowerment. Tim’s book is a must read. But I encourage you to do more than just read this book . . . Commit to live it!”  -Steve Gutzler, President, Leadership Quest—Issaquah, WA