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Splendor Publishing delivered powerful results. On a scale of 1-10, they delivered a 12. Splendor Publishing delivered a Mercedes-Benz!” left-facing-stack-white-bg-web

ff-12 Every first time author has the jitters about finding a publisher. They have heard horror stories about would be authors being taken for rides of disappointment and false promise. Or they have been mortified by the shabby quality and poor workmanship of publishers, obviously as inexperienced as the new author.

So in order to make my first solo book a success, I had a certain amount of apprehension about finding the right publisher.

I searched for quite some time before making a commitment.

Because of a favorable experience in a co-author’s role, I believed Margo DeGange and Splendor Publishing to be the right partner.

Out the gate, I expected:

•Attention to detail

•Thorough follow through

•Comprehensive knowledge

•Keen marketplace insight

•Pinpoint accuracy of guidance

I am a demanding client. I knew whomever I worked with would have to be flexible to work with me. The following is my experience:

Splendor Publishing delivered powerful results. On a scale of 1-10, they delivered a 12. Since, it was my first time out, I guess I was concerned about being given a Yugo, but much to my pleasant surprise, Splendor Publishing delivered a Mercedes-Benz!

On this my first solo book, they helped me deliver to the marketplace a publication that was immediately:

•A best-seller list in several categories

•Amazon Editors choice for Best Books of 2014

•Amazon Best Books of the Month, Nov 2014

If you are a new author in search of a publisher that will treat your project with the care and professionalism it deserves, I recommend Splendor Publishing wholeheartedly. I have the highest possible satisfaction with my book and overall experience with Margo DeGange and her staff. Please contact me with your questions and inquiries.

Tim Carter (a.k.a. Slam)

Best-Selling Author of Positive x Positive = Unlimited, www.TimGCarter.com



“A BIG shout out for making our book a best-seller.” stack-7-jpg



A BIG shout out to Margo M. DeGange with Splendor Publishing for taking on 18 women in commercial real estate and making our book a #1 Best Seller in both Real Estate and Real Estate Investments on Amazon. Thank you!  ~Pamela Goodwin, founder of Goodwin Commercial,  and author of One Cent Lemonade to Million Dollar Deals-25 Jobs & 25 Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner!  and Wining Ways in Commercial Real Estate: 18 Successful Women Unveil the Tips of the Trade in the Real Estate World. www.GoodwinCommercial.com



 “Splendor Publishing is my recommendation!”

To say working with Margo DeGange and Splendor Publishing was a great experience is an 8-Kimberly Pitts understatement.  It truly was a rewarding and front-cover-jpg valuable experience; one that I would highly recommend to anyone. Working with her on the book, I quickly saw that I was more than just another author contributing my insights and strategies.  She showed that she cared about me, my expertise and the content that I was going to share. She was available for questions, comments and feedback and ensured that you felt your voice was always heard.

Margo created an environment where we (the co-authors) were able to get to know each other, champion each other, and help each other market the book we were all a part of. If you want to publish a book in an environment where you are highly supported, highly valued, where great attention is placed on the quality of the product, and you want a publisher that truly cares about your book project then Margo DeGange, Splendor Publishing is my recommendation.  ~Kimberly Pitts UImpact, LLC www.uimpact.net


 “A HUGE Thank YOU to Margo DeGange and her entire team at Splendor Publishing.”

flowers-from-kimberly-pitts 10-stack-trans-png

Sometimes we give people their flowers and say what they mean to us when it is too late. I just wanted to publicly say what I tell her privately, that I so appreciate her friendship (I don’t use that word lightly) and all the work she puts in to help you birth an amazing book project.

Her dedication and commitment to ensuring that you have the best book, education about the process, and experience is bar none unmatched.

Team Splendor Publishing all the way :)



“I can’t RAVE enough about how wonderful this process has been.”

I recently published with Splendor Publishing, for the group book 25 Brilliant Business Mentors: ff_happy-law-front Ann Jenrette-Thomas Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success.

I can’t RAVE enough about how wonderful this process has been. First and foremost, Margo makes the process of publishing a book easy and effective. She is brilliant at marketing strategy, and even got us to be an Amazon Best-Seller.

Because the process not only increased my confidence in writing a book, and making sure that I was connected to a community of other great authors and business owners, I’ve decided to publish a book for my independent company as well (through Splendor Publishing). This way, I can give exposure to the members of MY team, build their credibility, and also have a viable product.

I want to thank Margo and the team at Splendor Publishing, for doing such a phenomenal job, with not only creating a wonderful product, but also creating a brilliant marketing strategy behind it.
I look forward to working with Margo in the future– over and over again.

Margo, you are phenomenal. I am so grateful to you. Thank you! ~Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esquire Coaching. www.EsquireCoaching.com



“Working with Margo and Splendor Publishing was a breeze.” book-cover-best-seller

Working with Margo and Splendor Publishing was a breeze. The expectations were clearly stated and Barbara Drohan Dooley Margo was always available to cheerfully answer any questions. Clearly Margo has done this before because all the promo blurbs and anything else we needed were provided well ahead of time as was everything else we needed. Margo made becoming a best-selling author a piece of cake! I highly recommend working with her!  ~Barbara Drohan Dooley, www.Soulremembrance.com




“Margo DeGange is the ultimate in supporting and encouraging others!” ~Debbie Saviano, www.DebbieSaviano.com