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The Discover Your Splendor Book Series


Discover Your Splendor in 2016!


Be a part of something bigger than you would ever have imagined. Become a published author in the ground-breaking book series from Splendor Publishing.



About the Discover Your Splendor Book Series:


Discover Your Splendor is the exciting and innovative book series by Splendor Publishing that will change the way we think about ourselves, our life, our work, and our service to others.


The Discover Your Splendor book series consists of five main books, based on five major topics that are significant to us in our everyday lives and careers. Each book is an anthology, written by mentors, success experts, life-skills experts, and business consultants from around the world.


All of the books in the Discover Your Splendor book series will be masterfully compiled by Timothy Grant Carter and Margo DeGange, and professionally published by Splendor Publishing.


About the Books, the Readers, and the Authors:


Each book will be a collaborative effort of expert authors who have a message of encouragement, empowerment, enrichment, and hope to share with others. The readers are individuals and business people who desire to significantly improve their lives and tap into their full potential; they also want to have a positive impact on the lives of others. The reader is seeking new knowledge and skills to create their very best lives as they live, work, and serve in their communities.


The authors will show up as experts and mentors who will help readers gain specific life and business tools and skills to equip them in one or more of these five areas:


  • Life Purpose, Calling, and Mission

  • Business (Entrepreneurship)

  • Career (Occupation, Vocation, Professional Achievement)

  • Relationships

  • Service to Others (Lifework, Ministry, Giving, Volunteering, Good Works)


Release Dates:


The first book will be released on February  23rd, 2016 and the following four books will hit shelves throughout 2016 and 2017.


The titles of each book are as follows:


Book #1, released on February 23rd, 2016-

Discover Your Splendor in Life:

Unleash the Power of  Your Authentic Purpose and Mission


Book #2, released on August 23rd, 2016-

Discover Your Splendor in Business: Lead with Vision as an Inspired Entrepreneur


Book #3, release date TBA-

Discover Your Splendor in Your Relationships: Connect Creatively with the People Who Matter Most


Book #4, release date TBA-

Discover Your Splendor in Your Career: Reach New Heights of Professional Fulfillment and Achievement


Book #5, release date TBA-

Discover Your Splendor in Your Community: Build a Lasting Legacy through Meaningful Service to Others



General Author Requirements:


Each author will write one chapter in one book (unless they commit to more than one book, with publisher’s approval). Each chapter will have a maximum of 4,000 words and a minimum of 1,500 words.


Each author will submit a bio of up to 175 words (maximum), a high-resolution headshot, plus one website URL.


Each author will digitally sign a basic agreement that highlights their part in the series.


You will get additional details about the book program after you signup.



Author Fees:


Each author ‘s fee (book #2-#5) will be as follows:






$595 for the SPLENDOR AUTHOR PACKAGE plus the Premier Book Marketing Bundle


There is a $100 down payment to hold your spot (see payment button below) with the remaining balance due in two equal payments, 30 days apart.


Author Benefits:


 - You get an Author’ Welcome Packet full of resources and all of the details of the project, to make the process fun an easy.  Included in the packet is a Basic Author Agreement, a visual Timeline of Book Activities that you can print and keep in view, and other resources.

- You get a PDF of Chapter Writing Guidelines and Outline to use as a framework (if you choose to) so writing will be a pleasant experience, producing a chapter with great structure to which readers can relate.


- Your name will appear on both the front cover and back cover of your book.


- Your color photo will appear on the back cover of your book.


- Your name and bio will be featured in the book directly after your chapter, along with your webpage URL so readers can contact you directly.


- The print version of the book will be listed in Books in Print and on Amazon where you will be listed as “author.”

- You will be listed as “author” in the description of the book on KDP for the Kindle version of the book in digital form, which will also be featured on

- The opportunity to become an Amazon Best-Selling Author; all of Splendor Publishing’s books thus far have reached Amazon Best-Seller status. Our goal is to do the same with the Discover Your Splendor series. This is why we provide a guided and dedicated launch day, where we are with you on social media the day of the launch and before, so that together we can aim for best-seller. Once you have this Best-Seller status, no one can take it away, and you can use it in your marketing from that point forward.

- You are included in a dedicated and private Facebook group for the authors of each book, where we can communicate among ourselves and where authors can get guidance as needed.

- You get two free teleseminars for the book in which you coauthor, where we can assist you personally, guide you further, and answer questions that may arise.


- You will be featured on where the print book will be listed.


- The book will also be published in digital form as a Kindle book available on


- You will benefit from a fully dedicated social media campaign for your book, with a guided launch day lasting 9-plus hours, where we tweet, post, and share right along with you all day long, with social media activity specific to each book. This includes posts and images on several social media channels. Splendor Publishing will share and post about the book as well as each author—so you will get plenty of social media love!


- Pre-written social media posts and content to use in your own marketing; you will be given an array of pre-written Facebook posts, Tweets, and email content to send to your friends, followers, fans, and contacts telling them about your part in the book series. Feel free to use this content “as is,” or personalize it to give it your perfect brand and “voice.”


- You will have the opportunity to make money from the print book by ordering copies at a wholesale price and selling the books to your friends and clients at retail (no royalties are paid on anthology books).


- You can sell the print book on your website, at your events, and at your place of business, keeping all revenue you receive from those sales (not including sales tax, of course).


- You are not required to purchase any books at wholesale (but we are sure you will want to).


- The total guidance and full support (and perks) given to each author by the Splendor Publishing team are second to none. Splendor Publishing is brilliant at creating best-selling books and authors.


Splendor Publishing takes care of all production pieces, from cover art, cover design, and layout, to front matter, pagination, editing, proof reading, interior layout, and interior design. The result is a high quality, professionally published product you will be proud to show friends and clients.

The support given to you by the Splendor team is second to none. Splendor Publishing is brilliant at creating best-selling books and authors.

We go WELL above and beyond to give you a great experience with amazing perks that few publishers offer without substantial fees. We also go well above the norm of most publishers to produce a high-quality book. Best of all, you get to appear in a fabulous book with Margo DeGange and SLAM (aka Timothy Grant Carter)!


Extra perks only in the Premier Book Marketing Package option ($595 option):

If you choose the Premier Book Marketing Package ($595 option), you get huge bonus perks worth many times the fee, such as:


 - You will be showcased—with your photo and full bio— on a special webpage dedicated to the book in which you take part.

 - You get help setting up your Amazon Author Central page, or help making it better if you already have one set up.


- You get a Fill-in-the-Blanks Press Release, ready for you to plug in a few details and go! Use this press release to create awareness nationally or in your local area, or online. The writing is done for you—just fill in a few “blanks” to personalize it.


- You get a custom, personalized Facebook Banner of your book, with just your name and photo, to gain attention on your Facebook page and to have printed for book signings.

- You will be featured on one or more blog posts with your bio, photo, and link to your own website. You have the option to be featured on more than one by sending us an article or feature story related to your chapter content. You can even add a few excerpts from your book.


- You get a full set of beautiful 3-D book images which you have permission to use for your long-term marketing.


If you are convinced this book project is a fit for you, SAVE YOUR SPOT below.


Once you register (below), more important details will be sent to you by email.


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Margo DeGange, M.Ed. President of Splendor Publishing, and Compiler of the Discover Your Splendor book series.


Timothy Grant Carter, aka SLAM











Timothy Grant Carter, Project Coordinator and Compiler of the Discover Your Splendor book series.



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