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Write Your Book in 12 Weeks: An Easy Book Witing Formula!

You don’t have to envy other authors. Get your book published. Become an author, maybe a best-selling author with the simple writing guide!  

Do you need a little help writing your manuscript for a non-fiction book (self-help, business, personal development, or faith-based/ministry)?

thickpaperbackfront(2) You can write your book quickly, and you can publish your book and get your life-changing message to the world.

I work with a lot of writers and best-selling authors, and most all of them felt overwhelmed at some point in the writing process, so you are not alone. You will be happy to know this feeling is easily overcome with a simple writing plan.

If you want to finish your book quickly (in weeks, not years), then here’s an easy book writing formula and schedule to get you started and to help you stay on track with your writing.

This 1-2-3 simple book-writing outline system will make it super fun for you:

1. Get your pen and brainstorm a list of your chapters. These are the main topic categories you want to cover in the book. Just use working titles for now and don’t get stuck on figuring out your actual chapter titles. Aim for 12 chapters.

2. For each of the 12 working chapters on your list, jot down 3 sub-headings that will support the main point of that chapter. As you did when brainstorming your list of chapters, use working heading names (placeholder headings). The actual heading names can be fine-tuned and finalized later, after you have done your writing.

3. Now write your book one heading at a time using Splendor Publishing’s 12-Week Book-Writing Schedule. To write your entire manuscript in just 12 weeks, tackle one chapter at a time. Each week for 12 weeks, write three 1000-1200 word “articles”  (three articles for each chapter of your book).


Each week for 12 weeks you will:

  • Take a few minutes each Sunday to go over your writing plan for the coming week and to mentally prepare. Chose one of the 12 chapters to focus on, along with that chapter’s three headings. Then write an intro paragraph for that chapter (200-400 words or so).


  • Write the content for one heading on Monday, one heading on Wednesday, and one heading on Friday. These are the 1200 word “articles.”


  • Repeat this routine every week for 12 weeks. In just three months you will have the entire manuscript for your book!


SUPER BONUS TIP: You do not necessarily have to write your chapters in the order they will appear in your book. Go with your natural writing flow and tendency. Each Sunday, choose the chapter you feel most in the “mood” to tackle for the coming week.


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