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Splendor Publishing helps entrepreneurs, ministers, and individuals with important life-work become published authors.  Our books are written by experts who want books-splendor-publishing to share their message with the world in a big and brilliant way!

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Maybe you’re just in the idea stage of writing a book, or perhaps you’ve begun writing your content. Or, you may have no idea where or how to begin.

No worries! Splendor Publishing will guide you each and every step of the way, to complete your own book, or even a group book project with two or more co-authors.

Whether you want to compile an anthology of 20 writers, write your own book to market and promote your business or ministry, or do a book project for your non-profit or community organization. We can help. Our anthology books are fabulous for training or fund-raising.

Let us help you make your dream of being a published author a reality. 



About Margo DeGange, M.Ed. ewomansnetwork_margo

Business and Lifestyle Designer Margo DeGange, M.Ed., is an international best-selling author and sought-after speaker, and the founder of the exciting mentoring and collaborative network, Women of Splendor, where spiritually-minded women with businesses and important life-work discover and develop their brilliance; increase their reach and visibility; and bring healing to the world in a BIG and splendid way. Margo is also the founder of Splendor Publishing, offering experts in many areas the opportunity to become published authors quickly and with ease. Known as The Visibility Expert, Margo helps entrepreneurs, ministers, and individuals discover their “Gift of Brilliance” and shine FULL THROTTLE!

Find out more about Margo DeGange on her website: http://www.MargoDeGange.com